The Business of Gaming

Gaming is now a massive industry, bigger than ever before, with almost every household having some sort of gaming device or way to play the latest releases and the under 30s being particularly fluent in the language of gaming.

The business around it has grown no end, with a huge supply for people producing games the whole time, and therefore indie game development companies springing up everywhere, and even spin off industries such as gaming capture cards meaning people can share their gameplay tips and more on youtube, with some people making millions (yes millions) every year doing exactly that.

So we’ve looked at some business tips below for those of us who are looking to get involved in the industry, perhaps you’re already interested in gaming but want to start to explore making a living out of it.

The concept of these computer games used to be basic. Nintendo, Playstation, Sega and others sold consoles at a hefty price and profited from the different platforms and games series they delivered for them. The punters, for the most part youthful guys with a good interest in technology, purchased them from a physical store, played them for a matter of weeks and after that put them away, but now the games follow us around.

One of the greatest changes has been the ascent of the telephone as a gaming gadget. Apps particularly intended to be played on smartphones as of now record for over 10% of the market and that number is growing pretty rapidly.

Considerable also has been the ascent of interaction aon social media for video gaming. Similarly as with phones, one fascination for designers is the potential size of the gathering of people and the fact you can play together such as building a farm with your mates over facebook!

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