Best Sports for Making Money

Money. Depending on your outlook it can be either what makes the world go round, or the root of all evil. Regardless of what you think, there is no denying that money in the world of sports can be utterly outrageous, and some sports have become massive cash cows for those who are good at them, so which sports are the best to get into if you’re purely after the cash, and which sportspeople hit the jackpot.


Soccer is an interesting one, but it definitely makes the list down to the fact that its stars make astronomical figures, think Lio Messi or Ronaldo, or even go back to the sponsorships of the likes of David Beckham, whose earnings from business interests must now also be substantial. The reason I wanted to mention this though is that even some of those who never reach the very top can earn $20,000+ every single week playing in Europe.


Unlike with all the other sports mentioned, Golf is an individual sport, meaning all of the money you can make can go directly to you, and with big sponsorship deals promoting equipment as diverse as clubs all the way to golf rangefinders, you can make a ton of cash and not have to worry about it being split with a team full of players, the prize money is yours. This also applies to tennis where the money can also be pretty impressive.

Football (and any big American sport)

If you land the big contracts in American football, you’re made, and as with sports like baseball too, the big name players are offered eye watering figures of cash. Different franchises all wanting to get the best players, and billionaire businessmen running the baseball, basketball and football teams out there mean that the top players such as the top NFL quarterbacks can demand 10s of millions every year to ply their trade.

In the digital and television age, the truth is a lot of sports can be good moneymakers and not just being a pro but careers like being an agent or a scout can also make a fortune.

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