What will 2017 Hold For SEO?

seo-956889_640It is finally 2017, and the time has come to look into what trends and patterns are going to have an impact in this years SEO world, and things you should be paying heed to when it comes to working out where your focus should be in your site. The best SEO companies such as http://www.theseoconsultantlondon.co.uk will have their finger on the pulse of all these search engine updates and should be able to stay on top of things, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Mobile – Mobile is already very important in the world of SEO but the speed and convenience of a mobile site is likely to come more into play this year as more people use their phones and tablets to search for things.

Voice Recognition will continue to be very important, more of us are using it to search things and devices like Siri and Cortana are becoming part of everyday life, search engines know this and will likely start to consider content that these voice recognition systems can recognize and relay to the users.

More google updates are likely to dictate a lot of what is going to happen this year, there’s often a lot of tweaks to their system and we never really know what is coming down the pipeline, but we do know they continue to become more intelligent and move away from spammy methods of ranking sites.

Search engines are always changing, but using a search consultant or SEO copany is the best chance to keep ahead of the curve and keep your sites ranking.

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